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Why use another company when we are committed to  excellence for your event?

Your event is very important to you and us. Our company has been doing events for over 19 years in the USA and in 18 different countries. It is our experience that you can trust.

Why trust your event/ meet to people that are part time timers and timing companies. We are a full time, full service, timing and data company that does events each and every week. Remember that part time timing companies give you part time performance.

Our expert staff of technicians are well trained in the sports timing technology and will do the very best job for your event.

Try our services and we are sure you will be satisfied.

Cleon Fowler/ CEO & President



C.F.P.I. Timing Inc.

National Corporate Address: 1603 Wildwood Trail, Saline, MI 48176

Southeastern USA Address: CFPI Timing, c/o Cade Alexander, 1426 Willow Creek Parkway, Alabaster, AL 35007

Office Phones:

734-645-3815 or 205-394-4372


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Current / Upcoming Featured Meets:

Georgia qualifier, June 16-19

Nerd Run, July 11, Results AG or OA

Upcoming/Current meets:
Georgia AAU district qualifier, June 16-19
Nerd Run, July 11, Results AG or OA

Most recent events/ meets:
St. Louis Senior Olympics, May 29-30
NAIA National Championship, May 26-28
Michigan Lutherian Church Schools Qualifier- May 21
Nashville Track Classic, May 21

MHSAA Regional/ Milford- May 20
MHSAA Regional/ Algonac- May 20

Conference USA Championship, May 12-15
Ohio Valley Conference Championship, May 13-14

Mid-American Conference Championship, May 12-14
Northeast Conference Championship, May 7-8

Chicagoland Conference Championships, May 6-7
Toledo Invitational, May 5-6

Great 8 Invitational, May 3

Mississippi State Invitational, April 30

Memphis Invitational, April 29-30
Oklahoma's John Jacobs College Invite, April 22-23

Oklahoma's John Jacobs HS Invite, April 22
Benedictine University- Eagle Invitational, April 15-16

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Direct Athletics or CFPI on-line entry system for meets:

If your meet is using Direct Athletics through CFPI, then you get your user id and PW from Direct Athletics.
If you already have a user id and pw from Direct Athletics and your meet is using DA for registration then you can enter a Direct Athletics meet through the link on that meets homepage.
If this is the first time that you are attempting to use Direct Athletics, please find the meet link to the instructions on how to get your id and pw and how to use the system.
By following these helpful hints you can mimimize confusion with using online entry systems.

Staff @ Manhattan Cross Country meet 2015 (below):

Staff and personnel:

Cleon Fowler-CEO/President, Wyatt Fowler- CFO/ Vice President, Michael "Cade" Alexander- senior operator, Mike Jacobs and Josh Foss, Brian Buckner -operator technicians, Bill Gauspohl-senior F.O.P. operations director- Don Henderson, Scott Finn, Eric Jackson, Avery Goode, Joe Jay & Rick Rothman-F.O.P. operations technicians, Andy Kauder, Matt Warren- meet management software operator technicians




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It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate and professional computer based timing and data services available at the most reasonable prices...and we're here for you as a full time timing service!

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