RACE ENTRY LIST Gulf Coast XC Stampede 9/25/10        
The cutoff for the elite race for the girls is a current team avg. or 23:30 and for the boys 19:00.  On race day you will give 
each of your runners their assigned bib number to put on their shirt and their assigned chip to put on their shoe.  You  
will then send up to 7 runners to either the elite or invitational race (whichever one is listed below) and then all the rest 
will go to the junior varsity race.  You can not send runners to both the elite and invitational and you cannot send
more than 7 to the any race except for the junior varsity race which is unlimited.  You may change who you put in what  
race up up until the start of the race.  It is very important that you make sure that each runner is wearing the bib number
and chip that was assigned to them.  Block assignments will be inside team packet.    
High School Girls     HS Boys     College  
Team   Race Team   Race Men Women
Choctawhatchee FL elite Athens Christian GA Invite Alabama State Alabama State
Darlington GA elite Baker AL elite Argonaut Argonaut
Dunwoody GA elite Choctawatchee FL elite High Vaultage High Vaultage 
Enterprise AL elite Darlington GA elite Loyola Loyola
Episcopal of Acadiana LA elite Dunwoody GA elite Mississippi Mississippi
Fort Walton Beach FL elite Episcopal of Acadiana LA elite Mobile Mobile
Marianna FL elite Father Ryan TN elite Montevallo Montevallo
Miller, T.R. AL elite Fort Walton Beach FL elite Spring Hill Runnin Wild
Niceville FL elite Jesuit LA elite Valdosta State Southern Miss
North Cobb Christian GA elite Lincoln FL elite Nicholls State Spring Hill
Pensacola Catholic FL elite Navarre FL elite Dillard Valdosta State
Pensacola Washington FL elite Niceville FL elite   Nicholls State
Pine Forest FL elite Pensacola Catholic FL elite   Dillard
South Walton FL elite Pensacola Washington FL elite    
St. Paul's Episcopal AL elite St. Paul's Episcopal AL elite    
St. Thomas Aquinas LA elite St. Stanislaus MS elite    
UMS-Wright AL elite St. Thomas Aquinas LA elite    
Walton GA elite Walton GA elite    
West Florida FL elite West Florida FL elite    
Athens Christian GA Invite Baldwin County AL invite    
Baker AL Invite Cottage Hill Christian AL invite    
Baldwin County AL Invite Crestview FL invite    
Cottage Hill Christian AL Invite Curtis John LA invite    
Crestview FL Invite East Hill Christian FL invite    
East Hill Cristian FL Invite Enterprise AL invite    
Escambia FL Invite Escambia FL invite    
Fairhope AL Invite Fairhope AL invite    
Father Ryan TN Invite Godby FL invite    
Godby FL Invite Gulf Breeze FL invite    
Gulf Breeze FL Invite Gulf Shores AL invite    
Gulf Shores AL Invite Jay FL invite    
Jay FL Invite Marianna FL invite    
Lincoln FL Invite Mary Montgomery FL invite    
Mary Montgomery AL Invite Miller, T.R. AL invite    
Milton FL Invite Milton FL invite    
Mobile Christian AL Invite Mobile Christian AL Invite    
M.T. Blount AL Invite M.T. Blount AL Invite    
Murphy AL Invite Murphy AL invite    
Navarre FL Invite North Cobb Christian GA invite    
Northview FL Invite Northview FL invite    
Pace FL Invite Pace FL invite    
Pelham AL Invite Pelham AL invite    
Pensacola FL Invite Pensacola FL invite    
Pensacola Christian FL Invite Pensacola Christian FL invite    
Providence Christian AL Invite Pine Forest FL invite    
Robersdale AL Invite Providence Christian AL invite    
Spanish Fort AL Invite Robertsdale AL invite    
Tate FL Invite South Walton FL invite    
Thompson AL Invite Spanish Fort AL invite    
W.P. Davidson AL Invite Tate FL invite    
McGill-Toolen AL JV Thompson AL invite    
    UMS-Wright AL invite    
    W.P. Davidson AL invite    
    McGill-Toolen AL JV